serial experiments lain 2020 eXhibition|Online exhibition
Exhibition Period: October 28, 2020 ~ (24HR)
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『No matter where you are, we are all connected』

The legendary cyberpunk anime "serial experiments lain" released in 1998 is continuing its experiments 22 years after its release featuring Anique. This is an online exhibition space to know more about lain and share the love of lain.
This exhibition will be expended by the participants, as a new experience.

※Limited exhibition goods are also on sale.

Participation 1: Your lain will be exhibited

※ Tweet your works with the hashtag #lain2020 on Twitter.
※ It may be illustrations, photographs, novels, music, videos, etc. can be in any form. Past works are also accepted.
※ Anything that violates the rules of #lainTTL is not accepted.
※ Only works produced by the person himself / herself are accepted.
※ Mention Anique (@anique_jp) to get update.

Participation 2: Share your voice (RUMORS)

※ Please post your love, feelings, commentary, etc. for lain as a video or audio file from the form below.
Upload Form
※ Your spoken voice will be processed and mixed with the voices of the creators of lain, and will be played as the voice (RUMORS) in the exhibition.
Exhibition contents will be occasionally updated. Follow Anique (@anique_jp) for the latest information.


Landscape where lain was born in 1998


Omnipresence of serial experiments lain nowadays


玲音, レイン, lain.
And otherl the people.


Reality that catches up with the story.

club cyberia

After 20 years, Cyberia is realized.


How to build lain's room


lain drawn by yoshitoshi ABe
Fans may gather under their beloved work and appreciate the works for countless times.
Enjoy the work together, share the love toward the works with comments.
You can participate 24 hours a day and look around all the time.
A special place to nurture your devotion.
Appreciate the digital art of your beloved work and collect limited items that you can enjoy forever, whether in digital or real.
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【Communication / Device】
・ Wifi is recommended.
・ The device may become hot.
・If the page freezes, reload the browser and try again.

【Other notes】
・ The latest information and information will be announced on Anique's official Twitter account (@anique_jp).
・PC or Smartphone made by TACHIBANA or Accela chips with psyche are forbidden.